THE WEEKLY SCRAWL #3: More content coming this year!

Well, as it stands - Direnotes is currently a solo effort. A great deal has happened in my personal life and it has left me with a significant amount of time on my hands. This doesn't mean that Direnotes is going anywhere or I'm going to drop out for another year - it means the opposite.

So here is the grand plan for things as of right this moment:

-> Old weekly articles I didn't manage to follow through on will be integrated into a weekly schedule. This means that Weekly Scrawl Updates, Throwback Thursdays, and OV THE SHELF (where I look at my many random shelf oddities) will be posted on a weekly basis.

-> Monthly picks will be done every month. I only did this once for some reason. At the end of every month I'll be picking three awesome albums I enjoyed.

-> Unboxing videos will be starting ASAP. Where I unbox whatever metal products I find and can afford. Things have already been ordered for this project.

Those are the things set in stone, so expect a lot more activity over here! As for other projects, I have no idea as of yet. But I'll see what I can come up with.

-Keith H.-