THE WEEKLY SCRAWL #2: Facebook and Instagram continue to remove Direnotes content

It has been an ongoing problem that Direnotes has been being expunged from Facebook and Instagram. At first, I thought this to be a malicious attack by some people who thought t
hey were clever but now it seems that Facebook and Instagram have some problem with the site overall. Apparently, we are breaking some rule that I'm not aware of.

Despite this, do note that Direnotes doesn't condone any sort of violent, abusive, or sexual behavior that harms or is against anyone's will. This is simply a webzine made to share the love of metal music, just like any other website dedicated to the genre. There is no political leaning, nor does it's writers or owners dabble in any controversial behavior. We do not aim to affect the choices or beliefs of anyone, it's that simple.

Sadly, Facebook and Instagram have damaged the site by removing links and postings involving anything to do with Direnotes links from their website. So, from now on postings will only be made on Twitter, Reddit, or some other friendly place we can post things.

Sorry for the hassle, and for those who enjoy what we do here - I wish you the best.

-Keith H. 


  1. When did this start? Was it from March, when you posted a review of Vaginal Mutilation?
    That phrase might have blacklisted you.

    Also it could be because you are using a URL alias. This is the case with other sites I have seen this url-blocking happen to.

    1. It happened this month, after posting my last review. Twice now. I straight up post direct URLs as well. Thing is, the content is being flagged massively as abusive.


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