THROWBACK THURSDAY: Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (1991)

"I was looking back on my life
And all the things I've done to me
I'm still looking for the answers
I'm still searching for the key"
-Road to Nowhere, Ozzy Osborne 
Oh boy, this was one hell of an album. Hot off of numerous controversies, Ozzy and crew decided, I guess, to just amp it up to ten with songs about blatant pedophilia, rape, and murder. Seeing that Zakk Wylde and the late Lemmy Kilmister wrote the majority of this albums songs - no one should have been surprised how insane it all was. One moment you'll be hearing about pedophilia, the next it'll be about living the life of a Rockstar. It's a glorious mess.

I have fond memories of the headlines Ozzy would drum up, even years after an album. It was something like 1998 and you would still see news coverage on how outrageous Ozzy was. They were still making features on and, pretty much, PSAs on how Suicide Solution was convincing people to kill themselves. It was so far after the fact, you had to really wonder who cared. In fact, it was things like that that lead me to dig into what Ozzy had to offer. And, that basically had me going back from No More Tears, all the way to Blizzard of Oz. Somehow, I even managed to find some bootleg cassettes of live shows.

It really was a glorious time for a budding teenager - or, not really. When I got into Ozzy and Black Sabbath, times were extremely tough for me. It marked a point when I had been kicked out of my mothers house and had to move in with my father. I'd gotten a boombox when I was twelve and had managed to hold onto it. We lived in a small house with another family (sadly, whom were all murdered years later) who were very traditional rugged working types. It was all two eggs in the morning, work, home, dinner, watch a movie, bed - repeat. Somehow, between A and B, I'd managed to get to a second-hand shop in the next town over. There, I'd managed to snag a couple of CD's - namely Diary of a Madman, No More Tears, and I'd already owned the Ozzman Cometh from a past birthday. As a young guy who'd just felt the first major betrayal of his life, been separated from his entire family, and recently become subject to his alcoholic father - these albums were the only thing that I had to hold onto. Worse yet, where I lived was a house outside of a one-street town. School and these albums were the only real contact with the outside world that I felt I had. Truly, my only escape from my situation.

Really, though there are some really great songs on this album - it was the odd ones between the lines that kept me holding on. Songs like Time After Time and Mama resonated with me heavily, while certainly more fun songs like Zombie Stomp were great too. I find it funny, as No More Tears and Mama were most definitely the most popular songs on this album, but they were probably the weakest it had to offer in the grand scheme of things. Especially since the majority of tracks have this distinct 'on the road' tone.

My only gripe with this album is that several songs mention being on a crazy train or a train out of control, and it really felt like there was some attempt at making sequel songs to Crazy Train. It always drove me nuts, and, listening to it now - yeah, it still does. It's very blatant (especially with A.V.H.). I can't tell if the Ozzy, Wylde, and Lemmy were just out of ideas or were so high and wasted that they didn't get that they were copying themselves.