SINGLES SATURDAY (Black Dreams, I Dudditz, Dekathlon)

Singles? What am I to do with them? They are so important, yet impossible to write anything truly substantial on when it comes to a 'review.' Well, I'm sure someone can do it - but I've decided to round up all the recent stray singles that come my way in one neat little weekly digest. Be warned, some of the most random and off-beat stuff I receive is in the form of singles. Still, I digress. Feel free to send me your singles if you're in the mood to be featured on this Saturday round-up! Contact page is here.

-Keith H.

BLACK DREAMS - Under My Skin & We Love Dead People

Possessing an almost 'Ozzy' like quality to his vocals, vocalist Kraapo really shines on 'Under My Skin.' In all honesty, it's a simple track with simple composition but the tone and attitude are what drives it all forward. Under My Skin, however, is merely the more accessible track on this single. 'We Love Dead People' is far more interesting and sounds like it could come right off the cutting room floor of either Blizzard of Oz or Diary of a Madman. I mean, definitely for fans of Ozzy. This group has that down pat, and it's a welcome style to emulate.

I DUDDITZ - Step on the Gas man!

The LA Riots were some time ago, but somehow the opening quip about it had me remembering it - and had me immediately listening to Billy Idol's 'Shock to the System.' When I got back though, I was happy to hear this jazzy selection of technical metal goodness. It's instrumental, yeah, but it's also surprisingly upbeat and to the point. Handcrafted completely by the extremely talented Cody Titus, who is almost criminally unnoticed - it is a track that merely scratches the surface of his I DUDDITZ project. Luckily, you can check that out here.

DEKATHLON - Taskuni Kutsu & Two Worlds

Well, this is the weirdest thing I've got in my e-mail yet. And, I welcome it whole-heartedly. Dekathlon is a satire infused wet dream fueled by early 90's styled synth and varied singers - not always in English. The best explanation is a mix between a Deus Ex game soundtrack and the Eurythmics. Taskuni can sound a bit goofy at first, but it quickly grows on you whilst Two Worlds is darker overall. Of these two singles, I'd say Taskuni Kutsu is the strongest and more interesting. More is going on and sometimes rings closely to Pertubator - which is a plus in my books.


  1. I am besides myself right now. Thank you for the glowing recommendation man. Very knowledgeable,descriptive and thoughtful while still being short,sweet and right to the point. My youtube channel thanks you.also I didnt know "shock to the system" was about the L.a. riots. Fun fact lol. Thx again dood.


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