ALBUM REVIEW: Vaginal Mutilation - Self-Titled EP (Old Lion Recordings)

There comes a time when your average metal head makes the bold decision to take a break from all their Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and so forth. It's all great stuff, no doubt, but the genre is so vast and diverse that you can't just lean back on the classics. So, why not dig deep and find the most messed up stuff possible? If you've got a hankering for what-the-fuckery then maybe Vaginal Mutilation is for you. Er... the band that is, not the act.

You could go so far as to say that maybe Vaginal Mutilation borders on Grindcore/Slam, because of it's decent pace and extreme content. However, I'd prefer to keep it somewhere on the skirts of Death Metal - especially since the guttural vocals remind me so heavily of the early 2000s. There was a time when this style was everywhere, though it was brief. Sadly, on the flip side, you also can't hope to even understand what's being said. Maybe I'm a little sick in the head, but it would have been nice to have some clue what was being said on these tracks. I understand a good majority of screaming and harsh vocals, no problem, but this is all pig squeals - which is great, if that is what you're into, but it totally kills all chance of vocal definition. Atop that, Vaginal Mutilation is also a Indonesian band. Therefore, a person has to take into account accents and level of understand... IF the vocals are even in English. Man, I really wanted to hear why 'Free Sexs is Not Answer'. Some mysteries, I suppose, will never be solved.

Musically, aside from the squeals and whatnot, Vaginal Mutilation provides a pretty solid gamut of compositions. This EP's silver lining is most definitely the music itself. Here you get some good riffs, and decent variety. The band really knows how to change things up enough, track to track, to keep you invested. I'm not going to say it's anything to write home about, you aren't getting some far-out stuff, but it gets the job done and adds some character to the whole thing.

No matter if you like this sort of metal or not, Vaginal Mutilation is just a band that has taken every step to draw the curious and extreme in with a collection of hideously named songs - most of which relate to sexual atrocities of some sort. I mean, the band does have a point in doing this - citing sexual abuse, atrocities, and foolishness as the reason behind it all. Though naming a band 'Vaginal Mutilation' and having tracks such as 'Butcher of Anal Canal' doesn't really incite a sense of seriousness. As for brutality? Well, most definitely.