REVIEW: Svartanatt - Starry Eagle Eye (the Sign Records)

Much like many other kids born in the 80's, my parents were born in the 60's. They were teenagers in the 70's and grew up around the true heyday of rock. I grew up with a deep passionate love of many of those bands; probably my deepest love was for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now almost anyone can sing along with "Freebird", "Sweet Home Alabama" or even "Simple Man" (though admittedly that last one was popularized by Shinedown for many people my age). Most people also know the classic "That Smell" (which is my personal favorite). These songs bring me right back home, to my childhood in South Mississippi, though I have not been home for many years. Now what does all of this have to do with Svartanatt?

They are quite reminiscent of Skynyrd to me. They sound like they were ripped right from the deep pocket of southern rock that many people (myself included) love so much. You would never guess that this band came from Stockholm, Sweden. First and foremost, that deep, raspy, rich voice of Jani Lehtinen is just the kinda voice that would make me say "Oh, that's a good ole boy!" Now don't get me wrong, I love all types of music. I enjoy all types of vocals. But, there is something about the southern rock vocals that just touches my soul.

Of course, the vocals wouldn't be enough to bring this kinda vibe to life. With Svartanatt, Felix Gasste on guitar, Mattias Halmstrom on bass, Martin Borgh on organ and Daniel Heaster on drums had just as much to do with this sound as Jani. This was just such a perfect mixture of talent.

"Wrong Side of Town" is probably one of my favorite tracks. I mean there wasn't a song on Starry Eagle Eye that I would dare call weak. This one just happened to be the one that I wanted to replay a few times. I usually gauge an album not on how many times I want to hear it, but on how much it inspires me to write again or how calm and at home I feel listening to it. This album hits all marks for me! I would recommend this album to anyone.


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