MINI-REVIEW: Plague Rider - Paroxysm EP


Paraoxysm is an EP bathed in, not only filthy and infectious ideas, but insanity as well. These four tracks simply refuse to follow only one track. Yes, it's Death Metal but it goes so far beyond - delving into grind, beat-down, and even throwing in some blackened elements. Vocals are all over the place - only, this is in the best possible way. Every style you've probably heard in Death Metal, aside from singing, is present here: guttural, bellowing, howling, screeching, and even some sections that feel very VAMPIRE-esque (though, less of a paranormal theme and more something along the lines of biological fear). At times, the variety seems almost too dense, overwhelming even - as song's hop around with styles almost violently. One moment your ears are being thoroughly slaughtered by its thrash-laden sound, seemingly unfocused collections of riffs quickly confuse you, and then the next moment PLAGUE RIDER presents you with an extremely intricate solo or sudden realization that maybe there is order in all this chaos your hearing.

For those who love their Death Metal -technical or not- heavy, varied, and thoroughly gruesome.