REVIEW: INFESTUM - Monuments of Exalted

A true rarity, INFESTUM and their 'Monuments of Exalted' really drum up some hope when it comes to the future of Black Metal and Blackened Death Metal. For a genre full of stubborn old-school elitists - its nice to see that INFESTUM knows how to breathe some life into a Metal genre that desperately needs it.

To me, INFESTUM seems to have all the versatility and vision of DARK FORTRESS but take it to a level all their own - combining classic Black and Death Metal composition with towering otherworldly Pads and pulse-pounding electronics. 'Monuments of Exalted' isn't a release that wants you to feel dreary and disillusioned - INFESTUM wants you to bow before their monumental force.

To say there is anything genuinely bad about this release would be night impossible for me. From beginning to end 'Monuments of Exalted' pulls you in and lets you feel what INFESTUM is all about. The only nay-Sayers I could imagine are purists who dislike the inclusion of electronics in their music or higher budget production values. To that, I say that eventually Blackened Metal had to take a step forward and this is it.